Top of the Line Hair Care Brands Offered Exclusivley by Carmen's Beauty Supply

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At Carmen's Beauty Supply, we provide for the needs of the exotic cosmetologist, offering exclusive items imported from Italy, Spain, Peru, and Switzerland. Our premium brands are 100% natural and made to tame and maintain any hair color or texture.

HP Firenze is an Italian hair care company with a revolutionary take on coloring. We offer their Forever Time hair colorants, which provide 10-minute, 100% coverage with high pigmentation. Not your typical out-of-the box color, our HP Firenze Forever Time line allows for customized coloring. With our colors you can make any shade or even make up your own. Whereas a normal hair care line has between 85-90 separate colors, this premium Italian line is limited to just 30 colors, but with those 30 color tubes, you can make every color just by mixing them 1 to 1!
Nervel is a leading hair color and cosmetics company headquartered in Spain. Nervel's latest line of natural hair colorants are restorative, conditioning, and para-phenylenediamine and ammonia free. We also carry Levissime, Nirvel's family of skin care products. Levissime skin care programs are made to handle all skin types, whether dry, oily, combination, or sensitive.
Imported from Italy, this new permanent color line is all natural and one of the first lines ever to be both Ammonia and Paraphenylenediamine free. This line carries a concentrated synergy of essential oils with calming and soothing properties to eliminate redness, re-balance the scalp to soften and protect the scalp. Their blue bleaching powder allows for lightening up to 6 levels and the neutralization of unpleasant yellow shades. Thanks to its dust-free, non-volatile formulation, it melts rapidly, avoids clot formation and does not swell. Delicate Wild Berries fragrance.
Valera is a Swiss hair styling products company. They manufacture high-quality blow dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners that will tame your hair safely with optimal results.
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